Based in Glasgow, Scotland, Valerie McLean believes that people, collaboration and communication can achieve amazing things. Currently spending her days as an agile coach and mum of one.

Weeknote 1 - Share and learn

Weeknote 1 - Share and learn

This is my first ever weeknote, so bear with me! Tried using a structure to help me organise my thoughts.

What should I remember this week for?

Deepening my acknowledgement of the complexity of people — how individual each and every one of us is and how much we could learn if we open ourselves up to each other’s perspectives and experiences.

Word of the week:


Message of the week:

We will never stop learning, and most of that is from other people

Who taught me something this week?

So many people!

Everyone at The International Design in Government conference in Edinburgh taught me something. Main takeaways were:

Start weeknotes (Thanks Kirsty)

Stop seeing disabled people and start seeing people with impediments who are disabled by social barriers and widen the mainstream (Thanks Sally)


Put myself in other people’s shoes more often (Thanks session from Scottish Government)

Cost models… I’m not a numbers sort of person, but my good friend Rob showed me how to make the numbers add up on a new project I’m working on. Thanks Rob

Where did I find inspiration?

There has been a huge amount of discussion this week within the Scottish agile community about what’s next. There are some really exciting opportunities and ideas out there, bringing people together across the country, bringing local people together with their families, letting something amazing emerge. That’s inspirational and something I can get behind.

What am I still trying to work out?

I worked with some senior secondary school pupils who were in at my work for work experience. I was tasked with teaching them about agile. It made me realise just how far removed the world of work is from our education system.

I then went to Lean Agile Glasgow and we had a discussion about the future of agile. A part of that discussion was around bringing agile into our education system. I’m unsure what that might look like but I’d love to help to bridge that gap and help school leavers understand and be comfortable in the world of work — especially a world that I dream of where people are trusted and collaborate in a psychologically safe environment.

How can I be better next week?

Make time for people and try to learn something new.


I should say singing: Row, row, row your boat. It’s amazing how many new verses you discover in early parenthood!


The Age of Agile, Stephen Denning


Designated Survivor Season 3

If you made it to the end, thanks for reading!

I’d love advice on how to retain momentum and keep this going.

Weeknote 2 - organising my thoughts

Weeknote 2 - organising my thoughts