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Weeknote 5 - People are complex!

Weeknote 5 - People are complex!

Another busy week in the heat, was able to work from the garden a few days - which meant ice lollies on demand! :D Obviously also did loads of work and learning too. Read on…

What should I remember this week for?

The heatwave - gosh it was hot! Last time we had a heatwave I was suffering from morning sickness (read all day nausea…!), so this was better for me, but this time we had a little one to keep cool as well, which comes with its own challenges.

Word of the week:

Capital - As in Bourdieu’s theory of

Message of the week:

People are complex.

Most of you will know that already, but this week for me it has been a recurring theme!

Who taught me something this week?

My lovely colleague Jackie. She mentioned the team ‘Hot Buttons’ to me. I had absolutely no idea what she meant, so she explained that ‘Hot Buttons’ are the underlying vibes you get from a situation - sort of reading between the lines at the main emotions. I believe it is used a lot in sales environments where salespeople look to draw on these areas to make the sale (which I will of course now be hyper aware of anytime I am buying anything!!) Interesting concept, so thanks Jackie for enlightening me.

Where did I find inspiration?

Subgroups vs Cliques - I get the feeling this is going to feature a lot in the coming weeks! Martin and I met up this week and spent a good couple of hours discussing Subgroups, Cliques and Bourdieu’s Theory of Capital. We’re looking into how we could help others understand enough about the concepts to help them spot and reverse negative trends in their workplaces but maybe also in their social groups as well. It’s so interesting and I’ve so much still to learn on the subject!

What am I still trying to work out?

See above, we’re hoping to help people understand the concepts in a way that is easily digestible for them - which is harder than it might seem. We’ve conducted a few wee experiments which have given us some super interesting insights so far - we definitely need to give it a bit more thought.

How can I be better next week?

Give myself more headspace to work out complex things.


Virgin Radio has been on a lot this week.


A paper from the University of Portsmouth on subgroups and cliques in sport.


All or Nothing Season 2 - LA Rams (prime video)

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