Based in Glasgow, Scotland, Valerie McLean believes that people, collaboration and communication can achieve amazing things. Currently spending her days as an agile coach and mum of one.

Weeknote 2 - organising my thoughts

Weeknote 2 - organising my thoughts

A short working week this week - only 3 days in work, and off to visit the family in NE Scotland. It was a productive one though!

What should I remember this week for?

Trying to define what I do… and realising that that’s really hard unless you have an underlying context to relate it too. I’ve called it agile coaching but even that title is up for grabs!

Word of the week:


Message of the week:

Context is king, never mind content.

Who taught me something this week?

My colleague Kirsteen - we were talking about agile maturity at various levels and together we came up with something pretty cool. We come from very different backgrounds and angles, so I found a new perspective. Will be interesting to see if we manage to make it work.

Where did I find inspiration?

From my past, all the people I’ve met, all the experiences I’ve had, stories I’ve heard, books I’ve read. In looking forward, I always look back. Look for trends, similarities, things you can draw upon to help as you move forward.


What am I still trying to work out?

How I can go from ‘it depends’ to something more coherent when describing what an agile coach is and does! I had post it notes all over my dining room wall (note the bibs for mini McLean in shot too, learning to eat at the moment.)

How can I be better next week?

Gather feedback and implement - even though my definition of agile coaching is still incredibly rough, I’ve already sought feedback and will endeavour to integrate it.


Everything Foo Fighters - their discography accompanied our drive north.


The Age of Agile, Stephen Denning


You, Season 1

If you made it to the end, thanks for reading!

I’d love advice on how to retain momentum and keep this going.

Weeknote 3 - Do what makes sense.

Weeknote 3 - Do what makes sense.

Weeknote 1 - Share and learn

Weeknote 1 - Share and learn