Based in Glasgow, Scotland, Valerie McLean believes that people, collaboration and communication can achieve amazing things. Currently spending her days as an agile coach and mum of one.

Weeknote 8 - A new chapter begins

Weeknote 8 - A new chapter begins

Such an amazing week, I took the leap and now work for myself. I started a great contract with an organisation who is really making strides in becoming more agile. Also teamed up with the lovely Robb once again to deliver our ‘Don’t touch the cups’ session, this time at Agile Scotland. This was also awesome.

What should I remember this week for?

Going out on my own and an amazing conference session.

Word of the week:


Message of the week:

Keep doing what you love.

Who taught me something this week?

I met a team I’ll be working closely with and joined them for a mobbing session. It was exciting for me to see this in action as I’ve never been part of a team who actually want to try mobbing. If you don’t know what mobbing is, basically, all of the team gather around 1 screen and keyboard. One person ‘drives’, the rest of the team ‘navigates’. The ‘driver’ switches between people in the group and they can only do what they are told by the navigators.

It’s a great tool for gaining a shared understanding and working out more complex issues. Not only did I join the team for the session, I got a chance to drive! I was terrified but also excited and the team were great with me, really patient. It was a great experience and I look forward to joining them again.

Where did I find inspiration?

Everywhere. I think when you start out in a new environment, there are lots of things you notice, things that you may have taken from granted before or that you’ve just never seen before. I get a kick out of learning and discovering new things is always inspiring for me.


Agile Scotland. Robb and I delivered our session ‘Don’t touch the cups’ on Friday at Agile Scotland. Wow what a buzz. We’ve been working on the session for a couple of years now, each time iterating it to make it better. It is a game about collaboration and this time was the best yet. We had a super enthusiastic group of people and got some great feedback to implement next time out.

What am I still trying to work out?

Starting at a new place is super exciting, but it’s also a bit of an information overload! So I need time to process.

Also I’ve got several conference talks coming up and need time and space to get those to a standard I’m happy with.

How can I be better next week?

Next week I’m on holiday, so I need to be able to switch off and let system 1 process all of the above.


I’m letting Spotify choose for me at the moment.


Thinking in Systems, Donella H. Meadows


Suits (Netflix) we just realised its back for another season and have been catching up.

Weeknote 9 - Refreshed and Ready - or not!

Weeknote 9 - Refreshed and Ready - or not!

Weeknote 7 - Bye bye Sopra Steria

Weeknote 7 - Bye bye Sopra Steria