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Weeknote 4 - Chitter chatter

Weeknote 4 - Chitter chatter

Mixed bag of a week this week, started the week in the garden completing some training courses, worked again with our work experience pupils, attended a liberating structures meet up and had lots of interesting conversations with interesting people. It was all excellent.

What should I remember this week for?

My first liberating structures meetup in Edinburgh.

Word of the week:


Message of the week:

Speaking to others, listen to others, it can open up things you never thought possible.

Who taught me something or really made me think this week?

I was speaking with a guy called Raf and he asked me a question. He asked me how I would mobilise a brand new team on a brand new project out of a group of 1000 people in 2 days. I spent a long time speaking about how I would look for people with a great mindset and who believed in the project. But he kept saying - but how would you find them in 2 days?

Then he told me - ask for volunteers! That would be the one thing that would help me find all of those people. Simple when you stop overthinking about it.

I spent another day with the work experience pupils in my work this week - big shout out to them (Daniel, Elise, Jack and Jackson) It was their final week and they had to do a final da presentation about this time in their placement. I ran a retrospective with them so we could ensure their final days were as good as they could be.

One of the things that came out of it was that they were mostly a little scared about doing their final presentation. They had a perception about what a presentation should be and weren’t keen to stand in front of a group of people and talk. We spent a while talking about how they could change the format of their presentation, do something creative that they felt more comfortable with. I think just having that conversation helped them to feel better. I’m not sure how the final presentation went as I was out of the office on Friday but looking forward to hearing about it!

Where did I find inspiration?

Well… I went to another meetup this week, so guess where my inspiration came from this week! Liberating Structures meetup, my first in Scotland since being introduced to the framework last year. It was fantastic, we explored 3 structures and spoke about how we might use them ourselves. There is now a twitter account for meetups in Scotland, so follow if you are interested in joining in. I might share some with the Lean Agile Glasgow community in the coming months.


What am I still trying to work out?

I’m working with Martin on a potential new workshop. It’s about group behaviour, cliques, and how we can neutralise some of the effects of Bourdieu’s insights into cultural, social and economic capital. We’ve been doing some reading and are meeting up next week to bring our brains together to work out what this might look like.

How can I be better next week?

Take more time when speaking to people.


This week it’s been classic rock and roll


Lots of research into Bourdieu!


All or Nothing - Arizona Cardinals (prime tv) Fascinating!

Weeknote 5 - People are complex!

Weeknote 5 - People are complex!

Weeknote 3 - Do what makes sense.

Weeknote 3 - Do what makes sense.